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“No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.”
–   Elizabeth Bowen

We have all had the experience. Outdoor scenes showing individual leaves, textured grass, and vivid, eye-catching colors. After the first time you see an HD TV, whether at a friend’s house or in a store….you will never opt to buy an analog model again.

Visualize having the same experience with glasses….the new revolution in eyeglasses is the high def lens…also know by the terms free form and digital lenses. This is the latest advance in lens technology and patients are discovering the difference.

What are HD Lenses?

HD lenses are more highly customized than conventional lenses…surfaced in a precise and individualized manner. Choosing these lenses is like buying a personally tailored suit or dress as opposed to an off the rack model.

The difference starts with the manufacturing process in which lens designers are not limited to using the traditional semi-finished lens blanks. The designer has more options and freedom to personalize the lens to the precise prescription needs of the patient.

Perhaps the patient previously had restrictions on the size and shape of the frame they could choose due to their prescription…but because of the new advances nearly any frame can be fit to his or her particular measurements. This gives you a wider choice of frame styles.

Where these lenses truly prove themselves is as progressive lenses: multifocal lenses without the bifocal lines. Conventional progressives have distortions in the peripheral or side vision. Due to the refined manufacturing process, the HD progressives have a wider field of vision with reduced distortion.


sharper overall quality of vision and better contrast.
faster and easier adaption to progressive lenses without the learning curve (and dizziness) of the conventional lens adjustment period.
improved night vision with less glare.
more versatility in choice of frames.
enhanced peripheral or side vision – for example, not as much need to turn your head to see your car mirrors.
bigger reading area with progressive lenses (or non-line bifocals).

Our office

Our office can provide you with the personalized and professional care that you need to ensure success with your HD lenses.

The first step is to schedule an eye health and vision exam with our doctors. A personal consultation with our opticians to select frames and do measurements for HD lenses would follow.

You and your prescription needs are unique! Why not select your glasses with that in mind?