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A winter landscape of sparkling snow, a carefree child sledding, an expert skier gliding gracefully down a slope…..what do these pictures have to do with eye health? All of these scenarios carry the risk of permanent eye damage.

The sun sits lower in the sky in winter at an angle exposing you to more ultraviolet light and glare. On snow,ultraviolet rays are reflected upwards…zapping your eyes from above and below. Snow reflects more ultraviolet radiation than any other surface.

Some points to remember:

*Eye tissue is more vulnerable to UV damage than skin

*Sun related eye conditions include cancer of the eyelid and surrounding skin, macular degeneration, and age related cataracts.

*Sun exposure can also cause photokeratitis…similar to welders’ flashburn. This can happen in one hour of strong glare though symptoms may not appear for 12 hours.Symptoms include: excessive tearing, pain, redness,swollen eyelids, headache, blurred vision, and a gritty sensation

*The best protection is lenses or goggles with both UVA and UVB protection.

Our office has a large selection of a great selection of quality sunglasses with special pricing on many. All are UVA and UVB absorbing

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